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  • 12 Feb 2024

Professional Water Tank Cleaning Services in Dhaka


    We can compromise with everything but not with drinking water. Our drinking water source is a Water tank. So, we must clean the water tank once a year. For that, we need professional water tank cleaning services who have well-trained cleaners and modern technologies. 

    Water tanks are an essential part of many buildings, providing a vital supply of clean water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. However, over time, water tanks can become contaminated with bacteria, algae, and other pollutants, which can cause serious health risks. Regular water tank cleaning ensures that the water in the tank remains safe to use. 

    Here, Gulshan Clean & Care brings a trustworthy Water Tank Cleaning Service with 20 years of experience in the cleaning field. For further details contact us: 01961444999 or check out our other cleaning services. In this article, we will explore the importance of water tank cleaning and provide some tips on how to do it. 

    Why Professional Cleaners?

    Many of us think that we can clean our water tank by ourselves. However, it can be dangerous for a not trained person and the water tank.  A professional cleaner not will only clean your water tank it also gives you proper guidelines about water tank maintenance.  

    6 Steps Of  Professional Water Tank Cleaning

    Water is our life to save our life we need to clean our water tank. Here we will learn how professionals clean water tanks with modern techniques and technologies. The 6 steps of professional water tank cleaning service are described ahead.

    Removal of harmful gases inside

    A water tank is a container for storing water. Since the water tank is airtight it creates a gas in the tank. This gas is so harmful to humans. So our first step is to degas the gas with the help of a fan. 

    Removal of residual water inside

    After extracting the gas, the work of water removal begins. The remaining water inside is removed with the help of a Submersible pump. The submersible pump helps to remove all the existing water inside it. 

    Disinfection of tank interior

    After moving all the existing water from the water tank next comes disinfecting the tank. We all know germs grow inside stagnant water like mosquitoes or water bugs. So, using chemicals expert cleaners disinfect the tank.  With a high-pressure jet to clean the interior of the water tank.

    Removal of residual wastewater and mud

    Due to water accumulation for so long, mud accumulates at the bottom, which needs to be cleaned very well. So, professional cleaners remove wastewater and mud from water tanks with a Vacuum pump, and the reserve tank uses mechanized dewatering to clean the mud, floor, and roof of the reserve tank. 

    Destroying internal floating bacteria

    After cleaning the mud from the water tank it is time to destroy internal floating bacteria. With the help of Ultraviolet (UV) Radiator cleaners clean bacteria inside the water tank.

    Monitoring Work

    Professional cleaning companies have a supervisor to monitor the whole cleaning process. After all the steps are done supervisor checks the work.  When everything is done properly, the cleaning job is completed.

    Let you mention that if a company is well known and has a good reputation will never take advance payment. After the cleaning is done, the supervisor monitors it if all looks fine then they want their payment. And those who do all this work perfectly without any hesitation will call a professional cleaning company. 

    Why Gulshan Clean & Care?

    There are several water tank cleaning services in Dhaka. But to choose a company that best fits your needs, you need to keep in mind that, it should not just be affordable and professional but also have recommended equipment to get the job done. Gulshan Clean & Care has 20 years of experience which makes us a trusted company. Also, we have all government certificates and have the necessary equipments. 

    Additionally, we are updating ourselves with this modern time. Also, we have 1500+ giant clients and 15,000+ satisfying consumers. So, stop searching now and call Gulshan Clean & Care for your water tank cleaning just dail: 01961444999. We are 24/7 at your service. 


    In conclusion, professional water tank cleaning is a vital process to maintain the quality, safety, and reliability of stored water. Following a systematic approach ensures thorough cleaning, disinfection, and compliance with health and safety standards.





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