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Cleaner Supply (Regular)

Are you looking for a trusted cleaners supply for your workspace? Gulshan Clean & Care can provide professional cleaner supply. We supply regular manpower or cleaners in industries, supermarkets, diplomatic areas, hospitals, universities, etc. Our cleaners are well-trained and trusted. All the tools and cleaning equipment are supplied by us. 

Cleaners Work:

-Bathroom Cleaning.
-Kitchen Cleaning.
-Entire office cleaning.
-Floor Cleaning.
-Windows or door glass cleaning.
-Furniture cleaning.
-Lift Lobby Cleaning.
-The stairs and surrounding building were cleaned.
-Parking and pool area cleaning.

Our job is to give the best cleaning services to your living and work spaces. So, we provide professional cleaners at your workplace for better cleaning service regularly. If you are planning to hire professional cleaners then Gulshan Clean & Care can be your best partner.

What you will get:

  • We will provide professional and best cleaner around Bangladesh. Our target is to provide trusted cleaners at your work space and save your time.

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